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App Review: Ghost EVP Analyzer

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Ghost EVP Radio

Ghost EVP Radio has been developed for exciting paranormal detection and exploration. We've put a lot of effort into making the app easy to use, so that both ...

Ghost Voice Catcher AUTO-EVP Recorder Android app demo

NOTE: Sorry for such a silly demo. never did one using the webcam before or showing my face! NEW GHOST HUNTING TECHNOLOGY! A totally NEW way to ...

The Vocibus Ghost Box App Test w/ Portal. BLOWING MY MIND.

WOW. The latest app from Anthony Sanchez at is pretty incredible. While I did not care for the voicing at 1st, in use it is incredible. Using a ...

Echovox Ghost Box App Test. Its REAL, Actually Works!

In this video I tested the Echovox app by Big Beard Studios. I was a bit sceptical but it actually works and got some crazy responses to my questions. Please LIKE ...

Ghost Hunter M2 App

Part Two: A review of an EVP app for the iPhone. The software is by Jedasoft, and is called Ghost Hunter M2.

LIVE ITC Spirit Communication, Using Radio Spirit Boxes & Apps - LIVE EVP Sessions

Join me LIVE tonight using ICT devices, radio spirit boxes & apps, to try to communicate with any spirits that may be willing to speak with us. LIVE evp sessions.

IGhost-Ghost Hunting Apps

All the great REAL ghost hunting apps.

Ghost Detector

It really works a nice fast EVP app

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Ghost Box, GB-1, Spirit Box, Franks Box, Mini Box, Joe's Box, GHOST HUNTING APPS, Ghost Hunting Apps, Paranormal Software, Spirit Radar, Ghost Radar, ...

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