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Enjoy This App

Really like this app hope to see more in the future.

The experience rocks!!!

Im just not quite sure how to properly use it all the time. Im pretty experienced in ITC research. I just have problems with it sometimes. Maybe its a ghost? ;)


Im a paranormal investigator and have been playing around with this app and I also have been using the ouija board as well, it seems legit. I have gotten intelligent responses to the sessions but through the settings I havent figured out how to use them properly only by guessing the knobs of rotation but so far I have been successful. Pink spectrum has been the best for voices in my opinion.


I love it even more hope see a new one again very soon . Good job


This little app has given me numerous intelligent, relevant responses to my questions. These have been clear, direct replies that even hard nosed skeptics would have difficulty refuting. Highly recommended to any serious Itc researcher.

The demon

So I was using the ghost app yesterday and I had felt like I had a demon in my house and that I was being watched. 1.) I had a horrible dream that brother was standing next my bed. I had asked him what is wrong. He didnt say anything and I looked at him and he had black Eyes. And before I knew it i was getting dragged off my bed. My brother was not pushing me it was something else. And then all the lights in the hall and my lamp turned off as if it was a power outage. And then I hear something in the hall. I flew out of my bed and then looked out the door. It was a demon walking into my room. It had claws the size of a bear. Your probably thinking how I seen him in pitch dark. Its because my smart watch was turned on and so I grabbed it and used it practically for a flashlight. Getting back to the story: so the demon just like teleported in my room and I woke up with a bad feeling and was glad it was a dream and that it wasnt real. So I turned to see what time it was on my watch. It was morning time. All of a sudden I hear a bang on the wall. Me and my Brother sleep on a bunk bed so I just said hey dude shut up and then it kept happing. Soon enough I had enough of it I just had to get out of my bed and then I look and my brother wasnt there on my bunk bed. And I just remembered that he slept up stairs. So I walk to my sisters room (Right next to mine) and I look in and I dont see anybody awakened. So I walked up stairs and nobody up there was awake either. 2.) it was two hours until something else happened. I was listening to music from a speaker on the shelf. It was a pretty big speaker and was pretty much a surround sound speaker. So I was cleaning my room listening to music and then out nowhere one of the speaker flys off the shelf. First of all I didnt know what to do. And then I remembered the speaker was perfectly balanced on the shelf. So I freaked out and got my brother (My older brother) I told the dream and said Ive been using this ghost app. He said I shouldnt do that anymore . But I just started. Ever since I used this app yesterday I had experienced a lot of crap going on in this house. But I grew up with spirits and demons in my house pretty much my whole life.


Try it!!

Wanna lose 2 USD?

Download this crappy app. Theres nothing about this app that made it seem real. Sure at first I thought it was real because i thought it said "amendment" (I have a copy of the US Constitution on my wall). Then the thought dawned on me when I saw "Entity detected." What I know about the supernatural is that ghosts give off energy that change the electromagnetic field around them. I highly doubt my iPad can detect changes in the electromagnetic energy around it. Plus, if there were changes Im sure my iPad would be acting strange and the battery life wouldve been shortened. In short, dont download this and dont mess with the paranormal, you could open a gateway to something dangerous.

Crappy app

Seriously a waste of money doesnt work whatsoever.

Have Patients & Get Results

I Much enjoy this APP Ill just Sit it down in My House & just Let it Go for Awhile Then eventually Some Different Voices Come & Go Ill ask A ? & A few minutes Later Ill Get Answers simple as that Well worth It when you get to be able to record Some ;)


My husband and I love this app we have a lot of spirits in our house the responses we have gotten to our questions have been right on the money. You might have to wait for the spirits to respond back but only because its takes a lot of energy for them to speak. Have to be patient with the spirit world sometimes you have spirits that want to talk and othersthat do not. Our suggestion would be to say and pray before using as you never know if your really talking to a spirit or something else. Please use it wisely. Try not to provoke not a good thing.. Happy Hunting to you all

Needs work to be a real emf recorder

I am a sensitive/clairvoyant. Which means not only can I feel the spirits emotion and generally see them. Sometimes in front of me like a live person sometimes it is almost like watching a movie through my minds eye as I have been told. It is how they want me to see. This is not a easy way to live as a child it scared me. It was hard to ignore and made things worse at times growing up. I wanted to try this out because my sister told me it is a good app ( she is non-gifted ) we come from a long proud line of Irish travellers ( gypsy ) who are very gifted. So my sister who is non gifted has been trying for years to find a gift which is sad these gifts are not always enjoyable they can put you in harms way. So she was with my niece ( her daughter sensitive as well 15 yrs old ) and she was using this device my niece had told her many times nothin g was there it was just a game app not real. So my sister asked me to try it out. Most spirits who want to communicate use more then one word they almost from a small sentence to the questions yet all this did was one word. I did not see or feel spirits when it said one was presence. So I took it into a home I knew had paranormal activity. This device not once picked it up however all our other tools we used ( including my ability ) did. So if you are trying to make a real emf recorder you have some bugs to work out. Sadly so far this is just a toy to get the non gifted bloods pumping.


this application does not work. Try for hours scanning and when start to speak a few words it is impossible to understand. Do not spend your money on it.

This app blows doesnt work fix plz

This app doesnt even work fix big waste of 99 cents

Wow creepy

This is a amazing app


Great app! Made me have a lot of questions on who was surrounding me! I will be talking to a medium

Tried it several times and nothing happens!

Wouldnt waste you money on this!


Ive caught a few voices already of people I know are around me and direct answers to questions :) love it


This ap picks up a lot of voices- and Ive had it say and repeat my name! Try it to believe it.

Things to change

The app is pretty good. But I think that you should change it so that we can actually hear what the spirits are saying instead of using a robot voice.

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